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Slotanza 100% up to C$1000 + 25 Bonus Spins
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Plaza Royal Casino 100% up to C$200 + 100 Spins
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Turbonino Casino 100 Free Spins
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Jumba Bet 200% up to $600 + C$50 Free
3 / 5
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Funbet Casino 100% up to $200 + 50 Free Spins
3.4 / 5
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No two casinos are the same and when it comes to the best operators in the industry, the choice is vast. But how do you know which company to trust? It often comes down to specific criteria that need to be examined up close. Admittedly, that takes a bit of effort to accomplish, but this is where our experts come in!

We will walk you through all the important features of a casino and explain under what circumstances an operator has managed to create an excellent gaming space for you and your friends. Our pros meticulously go over every single detail to give you a complete roadmap of the industry in 2024 and beyond.

How to Find the Perfect Casino

Our team recognizes the importance of providing you with reliable gaming options. That’s why we carefully curate specific and essential criteria. Our findings are posted in separate dedicated pages on the website.

Years of experience has made it possible for our team to develop the keen insight into the industry that allows us to spot the best casinos in business and draw your attention to them. If you are unsure about an operator, you can always cross-reference it with a review we have done, or drop us a line with your question.

Royal Panda’s login menu.
Starting off at a top casino is a matter of a few clicks.

As to the process of curating a casino, we dedicate all our resources to go through every last detail of a given brand. Our experts carefully deconstruct and analyze the gaming experience, banking facilities and more, examining every last word of the terms & conditions (TOC).

Bonuses are no less tempting and we make sure that everything here is fair and square. For the sake of thoroughness, we seek to confirm the reputation and legality of the companies by petitioning community members and checking with the authorities that have licensed the brand we are in the process of reviewing.

Designing a Great Operator

While design isn’t everything, knowing that the casino has been built on a sound foundation is important. Our experts always look into key aspects of the design, such as accessibility, intuitiveness and how much time it takes us to find specific information. We usually look for the following first:

  • Displays of a license and the logos of third-party auditors
  • Information about the Return to Player (RTP) rates
  • Fairness of the Random Number Generator (RNG)
  • The terms & conditions of the promotions
  • The choice of gaming options

In general, we want to make sure that the design and software are compatible with a number of Operating Systems (OS), including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. We also use a number of different devices that allow us to test the website in its entirety from the standpoint of the gamer.

The design and software behind a casino website are an important stepping-stone for the gaming experience, and that in turn is what many gamers have come to the online casinos for.

Casinos with the Best Games

In order to accomplish an impeccable review, our experts spend hours curating the games a casino has to offer. We understand that the choice is large and that’s why we allocate the necessary time to explore every last bit of the gaming experience, so that you only pick the top choices.

A choice of casino games at Betway.
Quite a few excellent titles to pick from!

In deciding whether a product is worth your while, we use our professional guidelines, which we have composed after a decade in the industry. We look for important aspects of the casino games, such as:

  • Compatibility with a range of devices and software
  • Impeccable gameplay on the instant, download and mobile versions of the casino
  • Availability of live gaming options
  • Game-specific bonuses
  • Variety of the offered games

Of the mentioned, compatibility is the most important one in our books. Nobody would want to see themselves cut off from a game just because they use iOS or Mac, or simply don’t like running games on Flash.

Most top brands respect this and they have been quickly porting and releasing games in the much more user-friendly and far more secure HTML5. Naturally, vast libraries cannot be ported so quickly, though, so you may still find the occasional titles that might struggle to load up.

But this is no big deal, especially when we have thousands more to pick from! Having outlined the technical side of things, why don’t we focus on what clearly matters to us? The top games in the industry.

The Best Online Casino Games in 2024

Casino games in 2024 have become exceptionally user-friendly. As we have mentioned before, and all throughout our dedicated guides, the crowd that logs into the online casinos today is diverse and uses a variety of devices, allowing them, and specifically you, to place a quick spin or two wherever they are and no matter how much time they have.

 Great choice of video slots at Betway!
Can’t wait to spin the slots? There’s no need to delay the experience a moment longer!

What, then, are the most cherished titles of 2024? That’s easy! You have a wealth of great picks. Some segments have even evolved from their parent categories and are standalone products this year. And here they are, the hottest games of the year:

  • Online Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Live Dealer Games
  • Video Poker
  • Craps

Each of these games can be subdivided into categories, of course. And while Blackjack and Roulette can be put under “Card Games” and “Table Games” respectively, the two popular gaming segments have gained so much popularity that they deserve their own mentions.

Realtime Gaming’s animated 3D Lucha Libre 2 slot.
Lucha Libre punches out an enemy in the bonus round.

Online slots continue to steal the spotlight and they have evolved greatly from the 3-Reelers and 5-Reelers. Today, you have a great choice of slots which combine elements from all aspects of the industry, from exquisitely animated graphics to 3D elements, bonus rounds, fixed & progressive jackpots and mini-games.

In a sense, slots are becoming more akin to actual video games, which is good news for you as you will no longer have to just sit through the monotonous Auto Play feature or click spin after spin without change of scenery.

Playing Realtime Gaming’s Lucha Libre 2, for example, introduces you to a bonus round where you can box with an animated giant. Defeat him and bag the rewards!

Blackjack – A Game of Its Own

Many available Blackjack games.
Pick from over 25 Blackjack games!

Blackjack’s own popularity has been on the rise, too. So much that the best casinos now have over 30 separate games that feature different versions of it. As a skill-based product, Blackjack will appeal to you as it allows you to have a full control over your bankroll and here, the better you are, the more solid the return on your investment will be.

More Great Games in 2024

Another excellent product in 2024 is Roulette. Customers in 2024 are smart and they want to have more control over what the outcome of the game is. This is where the online roulette games come in. If you are looking for a good version to play, do give the French one a go, as it has excellent 99% RTP.

Similarly, Video Poker is another product that is high up on the wish list of gamers. With over 99% RTP, video poker has long been sitting at the fringes of the online gaming experience, but it’s making a return in 2024. It’s arguably the best-paying game you can ever play at a casino, too!

Going Mobile

Everyone wants to have a good time, but nobody wants to be tied down to a chair at home. This is where the mobile experience comes in. We always make sure that the casino you play on has a fully-working mobile version. This is usually achieved by using a dedicated mobile app (which the casino has developed) or opting for the browser version.

Different devices to play with at an online casino.
Compatibility is a byword for excellence in the industry – Image from Betway Casino.

Either way, we know what’s important to you when you choose to play from a portable device, and that’s why we check for all the essentials:

  • Compatibility with different devices
  • Ability to contact customer support and do deposits & withdrawals safely
  • No restrictions as to the titles you can play
  • Access to bonuses & promotions
  • The same level of intuitiveness and ease of browsing as with the desktop version

There’s been some debate as to which one is better. Some users prefer to have a native app and most flagship operators duly oblige. But then again there are those operators that still are reputable casinos but prefer to have you play via a browser.

Bottom line, whatever the form of the mobile casino, the truly good ones will allow you to enjoy the gambling experience in full in a simple and accessible manner.

Care to Take a Bonus?

Bonuses are the bread and butter of casinos. They dish them out readily and the promotions are truly worth it. However, you still need to play responsibly by reading through the terms and conditions, and always make sure you are on top of your game.

A Christmas bonus at a casino.
Christmas is coming and so are bonuses!

A good bonus can come in many forms, too! There is a whole variety of available treats, including No Deposit Bonuses, Welcome Packages, Reload Bonuses and VIP programs. When you are debating whether to choose a bonus or not, do make sure to drop by the terms and conditions and check the:

  • Deadlines
  • Playthrough Requirements

Always consider if you have enough time to clear a playthrough requirement based on the sum you are depositing. Care to know more about the bonuses? Hop over to our dedicated guide where we had our experts explain bonuses and how they work in the utmost detail.

Finding out about Banking

The payment options are perhaps tied for the first place with the variety of games available at a casino in deciding whether you will stick or give the operator a pass. We understand how important this is so we review all available ways to settle your deposits and withdrawals carefully, looking into the specific details of the offer.

The available banking options at a casino.
Payment methods and the conditions that go hand-in-hand with them.

It’s always important to consider the method you are going to use for the sake of convenience. However, don’t forget to take a look at any associated fees as well as the minimum and maximum deposits.

Banking needs to be accessible and intuitive. More importantly, all the information you need must be easy to find and always be updated. It’s up to our experts to recommend you the casinos with the best banking facilities, so don’t worry too much about that. If you do want to know more, though, we have prepared a dedicated guide to help you do just that!

Reputation, Licensing, and Safety

In establishing a brand’s credibility, we take into consideration three underpinning aspects of the casino experience, to name reputation, licensing, and safety. We take each of these seriously and explore them meticulously.

In order to establish the reputation of a casino, for example, we spend hours researching the public domain. Our experts come from different backgrounds which gives them a unique insight into the more technical approach to reviewing a company, and more specifically – its reputation.

Therefore, if a casino’s reputation is up to the desired standard, we will be able to tell by the time we have completed our research.

Licenses from the Authorities

Licensing is equally important. Normally, there are several jurisdictions around the world that issue licenses. If the casino promotes key values such as transperancy, you can always scroll down to the footer and see the licensing information written in small letters.

The logos of regulators and third-party auditors for the gambling sector.
It’s easy to spot the logos of the companies that back the operator, too! – Image from Betway Casino

It helps to check with the body that has issued the licence, but if that seems like too much trouble, just let our experts do it for you as part of a dedicated review instead.

Security Is a Must

Knowing that your data is safe is quite important, too. We generally look into several aspects of the casino that help us determine whether the operator is up to our expectations. First, we tinker around with the interface and functionalities of the portal.

This gives us a fair estimate of what works, how quickly separate features load up, and if everything has been optimized for use from different browsers and devices.

At the same time, we check if there is SSL encryption in place, which guarantees that the casino is not vulnerable to hacking and you can navigate the offer safely.

In order to round up the entire offer, we check with every third-party auditor to guarantee that the advertised RNG and RTP rates are truthful and you can enjoy a risk-free environment.

Finding Brand New Operators

It’s at this point that we must point out that our expertise covers new casinos as well. Having been introduced to our way of checking and grading casinos, you surely would want to know if there are casinos that are not quite in the mainstream yet, but provide excellent gaming options, and perhaps even innovative treats.

We focus on up-and-coming casinos just as much as we do on the known names in business. As a result, you will not only find the best-established operators, but always be in the loop when a promising new casino comes up!

Our Promise to You

No two operators are alike, but that’s just as well. We don’t want you to be bored and that’s why we will review the flagship brands, but also help you find those unique features that will be worth your while at every specific casino.

Our experts have been reviewing diligently knowing that what we put down here will help you understand the industry a little better and ultimately help you make informed choices. The choice is overwhelming, but our reviews will be your guiding hand!