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Enjoying slots is one thing. Coming in all prepared is a whole different matter! This is exactly what you stand to benefit from should you go with one of the most tempting type of bonus on the market – the free spins! Clever little incentives that help your game reach new heights, you will quickly come to appreciate the extra spin or two you get when playing a fresh title or a familiar classic.

These goodies will help you build your bankroll in various neat little ways, namely:

  • Allowing you to play while not risking your own capital;
  • Providing you with extra finances to keep playing;
  • Extend your stay and help you learn the ropes of a game quicker;

There are many ways to get hold of these great goodies and we will introduce you to all the available options so that you may pick what suits you best!

How to Understand Free Spins and Use Them

So, what are free spins? You can think of them as credits of fixed value, which allow you to play online slots. Each free spin is worth one attempt at the game of your choice. In other words, if you are credited 30 spins, you may play 30 times. You need not pay or wager anything and any winnings you earn will go directly into you bankroll. Free spins can be found as part of a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, and others. We explore all of these scenarios next.

How to Get a Bunch of Freebies!

A number of available free spins
Snap up the trending bonuses on the spot!

And so, you must be wondering! How do you get your hands on these treats? It’s not really as challenging as you may first have had in mind, and you will immediately notice that freebies are allocated in exchange for a number of things:

  • Welcome bundles – These bargains are quite common these days. They are a multi-tier depositing special that rewards you with an incremental amount of spins with every fresh deposit you make.
  • Matching your deposit – Complementary free spins can be added on top of you 100% matched bonus offer, too!
  • No deposit rewards – Often used as a token of gratitude among casinos. You may just open your account and find yourself the owner of a dozen excellent credits.

Loyalty & Friends

 Casino specific bonuses
Getting the best of the available rewards!

Now, this about covers the most common ways of obtaining your freebies. What about the alternatives? There are quite a few of those! From bringing your friends to play with you to showing your casino some loyalty, there are a number of ways to get yourself a spin or two!

  • A bit of a loyalist – Loyalty and VIP initiatives are hardly just marketing ploys. Your allegiance is always rewarded by the best operators, and what better way to do so, really, than granting you more free spins to enjoy!
  • Bringing your friends onboard – Last but not least, asking your similarly-minded friends to come share in the joys of slots can fetch you something extra. Besides, it’s always better to play in company.

Overall, these goodies will be a common incentive that operators provide. Of course, you needn’t accept all of them, as certainly some come along with rather testy playthrough. Then again, you’ll surely be remiss not to check out all your options!

The Bonus Codes – Unrestricted Play!

Another quick way to explore the world of mad, fascinating and high-yield spins is to use a bonus code. This is a known marketing move from casinos that intend to help your operator better identify your specific needs. Say, you have been awarded ten freebies. If you hesitate to play after your credits are gone, the casino will know that their welcome offer is probably not up to the desired quality.

A bonus code is just a cool way to get hold of an extra bonus if one is indeed available. Most of the time, casinos will not bother you with this, opting instead to credit your account with the desired spins as soon as you have registered.

Free Spins Advantages over Other Bonuses

Homing in on the details that make this offer absolutely worth it, we ought to explain why opting for this type of bonus simply works. Nearly all other promotions come with some pesky requirement that, though may not be challenging, would still require you to busy yourself with a few specifics.

Instead, by being awarded a free spin, you can quickly turn your wagers in to immutable profit that, upon request, will go directly to your bank account, although you will still have to observe the wagering requirements.

And yet, you need to understand that there are only a handful of offers that come as they are – liberated of any additional proviso. These are as follows:

  • Free play;
  • No deposit;
  • Casino-initiated reloads.

The Free play and no deposit options differ slightly. With free play, you keep your winnings up to a certain point. No deposit goodies are slightly more accommodating as they will provide you with somewhat better sums. Meanwhile, you definitely shouldn’t overlook some of the promotions that will require you to deposit money, too!

More available casino bonuses
Even better promotions exist!

As to the direct free spins, casinos like to incentivize dormant accounts or award loyal clients by periodically bolstering their moral with a freebie here and a goodie there.

Is There a Catch?

Jackpot options that tempt
Jackpots can be won with spins!

If you have been reading us to keep up to date with the smartest ways of playing at a casino, you will certainly notice that we always advise you to keep certain aspects of the iGaming experience in mind. Of course, the free-of-charge promos you get are excellent and there’s hardly a better way to spend your time gambling than using someone else’s money.

But being the savvy gamer we have known you to be, you will certainly want to know about few things first:

  • While you can earn big time with the freebies, you cannot play for the jackpot;

However, you will be able to earn enough to have, in the very least, a few extra spins that may eventually land you a pass to the bonus level. While free spins will not directly win you a bonus, they are very much intertwined and part of the very essence of making a progress and hit the big pot of money.

  • Winning big is part of the fun, but you will have to keep reminding yourself that there is a ceiling the casino will apply on all your no-cash free spins;

Even if these appear a bit restrictive, fear not, because as soon as you have bolstered your bankroll, you will be able to put your newly-earned money to good use! Select deposit bonus and enjoy the dozens or so free spins there! Why? Because you will not have any cap on your winnings or if so – they will be handsomely more generous.

With a Bonus on the Go

There is hardly any limitation as to the choice of device or operating system when it comes to free spins bonuses. You can quite frankly pick whatever you wish! Not only that, but certainly casinos will even reward you with fitting free spins if you choose to explore their mobile solutions first!

You can benefit the complementary spins on a number of devices, most commonly your pocket smartphone or a dedicated tablet that some gamers prefer to opt for in order to have a bit more in the way of viewing field. Whether you use iOS or Android, it will be a smooth sailing for you with the bonuses we recommend!

The Newest Titles and the Hottest Promotions!

A great way to explore new games is to trust the free spins. Now, there is a correlation between the two, as you will see that trending new promotions always crop up around the time of a new title arriving on the market. Not always, but usually, you will be able to explore all latest arrivals with just the right number of freebies to help you get a feel for the design, functionality, pay-rate, and a chance to unearth some of the special features, provided there are such.

Sunday promotion at a casino
Get your Sunday free spins without delay!

A new title will also be immediately available as part of special daily promotions, which brings the total number of available options to experience an exciting new title up a notch! Not to mention, that a fun mode will always be available for you to jot a few quick notes on the game and see if it’s the right thing for you.

Get Ready to Spin for Free!

If you are looking for a brilliant way to prop yourself up at the top of the food chain in a casino, a bunch of free spins are the right way to start! You mustn’t pass up on a single opportunity to shine among your peers and fetch yourself, rather cleverly, all those extra loyalty points!

Free spins will definitely be of great help, but it will be ultimately up to you to show the operators who is boss. Channel your knowledge of the iGaming industry and distil it with these bonuses for the ultimate results.