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Shopping around for the best possible casino experience often involves checking quite a few things. From the design of the place you choose to call your new gambling home to the motley variety of gaming treats available – it all matters. And still, there is more to keep in mind when making your final pick, including how well the place you have chosen will pay you.

Now, finding the highest payout online casinos out there isn’t too difficult of a task as all it requires is time and effort. However, is this time and effort something that you have on your hands? And even if you do, wouldn’t you rather use it playing games instead? If yes, and you think you can benefit from a few excellent recommendations, we are quite happy to oblige and point you in the right direction. How does playing at a high-paying casino actually help you?

  • You guarantee yourself a handsome return on your investment;
  • You can extend your stay at the casino of your choice;
  • You can play a number of available gaming titles that have a better chance to pay you bigger sums.

There are a few wrinkles to smooth out first, but you are in excellent hands. We will help you understand how the hallowed return-to-player (RTP) work and make you a true scholar of sorts. Rest assured that the gambling industry’s subtle aspects will no longer elude you by the time you are done reading.

How to Find the Highest Payout Online Casinos

A promotion for a particular casino slot.
Excellent promotions at the best-paying casinos!

Our service is committed to helping you hand-pick those delightful operators on the market that help your bankroll grow. We will work painstakingly to select the top venues for you and provide you with a fair chance of turning a few pennies into respectable profit. At Newestcasinos we conduct meticulous reviews to guarantee you that the websites you have chosen are in fact the highest payout online casinos on the market. Our selection process is stellar, and we deliver the desired results without any delay.

Selecting a casino that offers decent pay-outs is easy and enjoyable. First, you need to pick one of the top brands out there. Our own list of recommendations is also quite useful when it comes to making a choice, but you can always do your own research or drop by our dedicated new casinos review section to look for an operator we have already checked.

How do we determine if a casino’s pay-outs are up to snuff?

  • We carefully read though the websites’ Terms & Conditions as they will contain information about the overall RTP;
  • We make sure that these numbers are backed by a reliable independent party which is authorized to establish the credibility of casinos;
  • We pay particular attention to the individual game developers and their specific RTP rates.
Regulatory bodies in the iGaming sector.
A number of watchdogs are overseeing customer security.

Based on what we find in the course of our research, we can accurately gauge which casinos promise you a heftier return on your initial investment. It’s these venues that we like to put on our list of recommendations. Rest assured, though, that our experts are quite keen on examining casinos well after they have been reviewed and approved. If we spot anything that doesn’t meet our standards, the casinos are chucked back into the hoi polloi of the iGaming world.

Still, one question lingers. How do you find the greatest RTPs? And in fact, what are RTPs? Should you fear them and if not – how do they work specifically?

Understanding RTPs and Getting Bigger Payouts!

Return-to-player (RTP) rates are an elusive thing. They churn violently, and ‘chance’ is what ultimately determines their outcome. But even this prospect shouldn’t undermine your resolve to enjoy yourself at the casino of your choosing. We know exactly how these mechanisms work and can provide you with the useful insight that will help you steer your own gaming towards profit.

A jackpot at a casino
Jackpots are always quite the tantalizing sums!

And so, the RTPs are an average estimate on how often you will win. Most casinos always have an average payout for the entire casino. For instance, 888casino and Jackpot City sport 97% each, which is already a decent percentage, we will be the first to admit. Yet, vigilance is necessary. Here is the thing about RTPs, specifically:

  • The advertised 97% may not be accurate over a short period of time. If you roll with $100, you could get a value that is either sub-97 or over it. Why? Because in order to be accurate, you need to have played sufficient number of times. Some experts estimate between 10,000 and 100,000 to get the advertised RTPs.

Is this a reason for concern? Not in the slightest! As the outcome is more or less based on luck, you stand a decent chance of actually adding to your bankroll. The highest payout online casinos will still come with the most generous overall RTPs you can find and if you are a regular, playing over a long period of time will pay off accurately.

In short, you honestly have nothing to worry about except how to scrap enough time to enjoy all the excellent games yourself! The highest payout online casinos will most definitely provide you with sufficient leeway to adjust your own gaming as you see fit so that you may chase the biggest possible rewards.

How to Make Sure You Get the Best Treats?

There is a rather simple way of making sure that you are benefiting from the most favorable conditions a casino has to offer. Even though the casino may advertise its RTPs at a certain number, there are individual games that actually have higher RPPs than the one calculated to represent the entire library of games. This is where you will have to explore individual titles for yourself. How to do this?

  • A game’s RTPs could be advertised at the maker’s website or in a review;
  • You can always reach out to customer support and ask them directly about the RTP of a specific title;
  • You may be able to find the RTPs at the casino itself without any extra hassle.

Of course, it may take you some time to find these, but if you want to play with the greatest shot of getting a solid profit, then it’s definitely worth taking a few moments to confirm that the title you have picked will reward you as you expect.

A popular strategy is to pick the titles you think pay the best and just stick with them, alternating between separate games as soon as you get jaded from the game you have chosen to play. You will also notice that even though a lot of the games at a casino depend on luck, there are plenty of which you’ll have a more direct control over for you to choose from, including:

  • French Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Video poker
  • Blackjack
  • Craps

True, these games seem to require a bit more of attention compared to everyone’s favorite slot games, but every title on the list is well worth exploring. We ought to caution you that just because a game is called Baccarat or Blackjack, it doesn’t automatically mean the RTPs will be great.

Table limits are essential to determining whether a particular game is worth playing. Of course, you can count on our excellent recommendations of single titles that pay copious amounts to rookie and professional alike, but it never hurts to do some research yourselves.

A Bonus to Help You Win Big

A welcome bonus at a casino.
Get as much as $1,000 in welcome cash!

Bonuses are the bread and butter of many casinos and promotions have been crafted to both tempt and reward. There are a few things to know before you can benefit from these treats yourself. For starters, most bonuses will favor the sots. Why do we say that?

Well, because of the wagering contributions:

Every time you stake money as part of a bonus, there are wagering contributions. If you play more skill-based games, where you can influence the outcome of your hand or turn, then only a fraction of the sum you wager will count towards the bonus contributions, for example:

  • You can bet $100 on a game of Blackjack, but this will result in only 10% contribution, or $10 out of the $100 you wagered. Why? Because you have somewhat better control over the possible outcome of events in this case.

Not all bonus T&C are so tricky, but it’s understandable why a casino wouldn’t shed so much bonus money on games that you can master by virtue of your understanding and knowledge of said games.

What matters here is to always pay attention if the games you want to play will actually benefit from the bonuses and promos you choose.

 Different casino games.
Pick the casino game you prefer yourself!

Does this mean to drop the bonuses altogether to guarantee yourself the highest payout online in a casino? Not necessarily! All we advise is caution. There are in fact wonderful treats on the market that will help you transform your gaming experience into quite the lucrative undertaking, but it could take you some time to successfully combine bonuses with your gameplay.

Safety & Fairness – It’ All Part of the Deal

Now, we have come to the point where we have to talk numbers and facts of the highest order. How do we know if a casino does in fact offer you the highest possible numbers? This is something we can confirm in the course of normal research. However, we need the expertise of established bodies which will busy themselves with the technical matters. Authorities such as eCORGA, for example.

  • eCORGA – Guaranteeing Fairness in the Casino World

eCORGA, iTech Labs and certifying authorities come in handy, offering precious insight into the very cogs and wheels of your casino. As one of the companies that is in charge of ensuring that the casino meets the industries’ standards, eCORGA can confirm the fairness of the operator and make the findings publicly available for our experts to access.

In fact, even you as a player can access this information and make sure that the facts check out. Sometimes a casino may lack a license, but this doesn’t mean they should be neglected as a possible choice. Often the highest payout online casinos are located offshore, which most commonly means that they’re catering to gamers located in legislations that don’t yet allow gaming venues at home. If this is the case, you will have to rely on the casino’s reputation.

A Final Thought on Getting the Top Payouts!

Adjusting your gameplay to reap the greatest rewards is the result of research and careful decision making. Of course, there are quite a few caveats to keep in mind, but as you can see, it’s rather easy to spot the best venues out there. All it takes is a careful approach and not letting yourself become emotional.

Big payouts only favor the savvy gamer and to be quite forthcoming, every venue can become the highest payout online casino you have ever played on if you are clever enough to make it happen!