No Deposit Bonuses

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In the world of online betting, a no deposit bonus is arguably the most popular and even most valuable bonus and is essentially ‘Free Money’ that is given to players by the casino without you having to even make a single deposit. This is the perfect way for you to try out games and get a feel of the casino to see whether or not it’ll be a good fit for you without even risking a cent of your own money.

Almost all casinos offer bonuses.
Bonuses make casino gaming much more fun.

Even though no deposit bonuses can be considered to be a polished marketing attempt at baiting more customers, players who know how to take advantage of these offers have been able to win big using the offers. This is even more reason why the offers should be a huge consideration for players looking to find a great casino since it might just be their ticket to some huge winnings.

Who Is Eligible for a No Deposit Bonus?

Many of the online casinos we recommend offer no deposit bonuses to both their new and returning customers which is exactly how it should be. Many of the existing online casino operators have realized how important these offers are to their businesses. If your bankroll is somewhat limited, a no deposit bonus casino is certainly the best way to go because even if you leave the games without any profit you technically will not have lost a cent.

Sadly, for players who attend brick-and-mortar casinos, the concept of such bonus deals is almost unheard of. Online players are the clear winners here but the online casinos are all tailored to fit the needs of everyone who is willing to take the leap. Moreover, the many land-based casinos have online offerings that offer bonuses and other no deposit promotions to players.

How to Claim a No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses can be claimed in a number of different ways. To begin with, you will obviously have to sign up or register at a casino that has these kinds of offers. Most of the existing online casinos offer the bonus to customers for simply creating a player account with them. Signing up is pretty easy – all you will need to do is provide your email address and any other required (and relevant) customer details. This will, of course, vary from site to site but considering how hard many casinos have been working to simplify their registration process, most players will find it to be a piece of cake.

The first no deposit bonus, the welcome bonus, is usually credited to the player’s account automatically as soon as they signup. In the unlikely event that this is not the case at the casino you chose, you will need to figure out how exactly the casino offers the promotion. Sometime, you may need to use promo codes before the bonus is credited to your account – practically, in all of the casinos offering the bonus this way, getting it is as simple as entering the coupon code and the casino will credit your account.

Alternatively, players can visit the promotions tab where they will be able to review all of the no deposit bonuses that their casinos are offering. Each site usually has its own unique set of guidelines for the promotions and bonuses. The same goes for their amounts.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

Depending on the casino you choose to play, the no deposit bonuses come in different forms and sizes. Generally, there are usually four major categories that the casino bonuses can be classified under:

Understanding the basic types of bonuses.
These are the basic types of online casino bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus Codes

Once you start looking for an online casino, you will definitely find out that there is a seemingly endless list of casino codes. In fact, just about every online gambling platform boasts of a unique set of codes that players can use to claim the no deposit bonuses as well as other promotional offers. In most cases, the codes are updated regularly as they can only be used once or expire after a given period, so do keep an eye out for the latest offers and make sure you input the corresponding promotional codes whenever and wherever you are prompted.

No Deposit Money or Chips

Free money or chips can come in a variety of forms as well. Some sites chose to go with the more conventional names (money, cash or chips) but in some cases, they will be referred to as tokens or coins et cetera – they all refer to the same thing regardless of what they are called.

So, what are these about? Well, it is pretty straightforward – the players get free bonus money for use in a select number of casino games. Easy, right? It’s quite simply an irresistible type of bonus because it is a great way of staying in the game before you make any real money deposits or long after your funds run out.

Free Spins or Free Rounds

Free spins typically refer to slot machines but the general idea is that the casino gives the customers free rounds or free play on select games. While they were initially only offered to new players, thanks to stiff competition between online casino operators, returning players can keep redeeming and enjoying free spins as well.

Free spins are popular with online slots.
Free spins allow you to play for free.

Timed Bonuses

These are becoming more and more common in the online gambling space, also due to the stiff competition that has forced online gambling platforms to be inventive in finding ways of incentivizing players to keep playing. Timed promotions may be offered in the form of an hour of no risk, real betting and many other innovative ways.

The Terms and Conditions

No deposit bonuses are usually accompanied with wagering requirements that clearly outline how the bonuses can be used, where they can be used, and when they can be used. They also stipulate when and how the bonuses or the winnings can be withdrawn. Simply put, it would be a grave mistake to ignore the fine print that comes with these bonuses.

No deposit bonuses are free, that is clear, but you will still have to put in a bit of work for them since in almost all cases the wagering requirements can be pretty high. If you go through the guidelines on the online gaming platforms, you are bound to notice that nearly all the bonuses on offer clearly specify a maximum win or cash out limit. This information is always available even though some casino operators may try to keep players in the dark by hiding the guidelines deep in the Terms and Conditions. We definitely would not recommend those casinos.

Finding the Best No Deposit Bonus Casino

Unfortunately, not all online gambling platforms offer no deposit bonuses and finding the ones that offer the bonuses that suit players’ desires can be pretty daunting because of the vast number of platforms that exist on the internet. Fortunately for you, we are here to make it much easier for you – we are always on the lookout for the very best no deposit casinos, and you’ll find them conveniently listed in the table near the top of this page.

It is vital to acknowledge the importance of a complete package when it comes to online gaming options. As such, your selection criteria should match most, if not all, of the things we consider when selecting online casinos – a desirable no deposit bonus has to be accompanied by many other important casino features such as safety & security, a number of deposit and withdrawal options, great design and a solid selection of games.