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Online casino bonuses are a type of promotion offered by online gambling sites to lure in more customers and keep their existing customers satisfied. In essence, they can be considered to be a type of reward that online casinos give their customers for signing up on their platforms or for being consistent and regular players. They allow players to test out an online casino’s games without risking their own money and are a great way for players with smaller bankrolls to get started on their favorite games.

Online casino bonuses.
Find these at our recommended online casinos.

Every online casino player knows that claiming the top online casino bonuses is one of the easiest ways of increasing your bankroll. As such, they are very important to players because they basically give them more free ways they can use to play – this increases their chances of winning. If you’re anything like us, and we’re sure you are, then you simply cannot and should not say ‘no’ to attractive promotions such as free spins and no deposit bonuses. After all, you have absolutely nothing to lose in using them, but you could potentially have massive winnings to gain! Read on to find out all the fantastic bonuses and promotions that awaits you!

Finding the Top Online Casino Bonuses

Before we go ahead and explain more in-depth about the intricacies of casino bonuses, here’s a list of our top recommended casinos that we’ve compiled based on the overall value of the bonuses on offer that takes into consideration of factors such as the bonus amount and wagering requirements.

What’s in It for the Casinos?

Since top online casinos bonuses are usually in the form of free gameplay, free money, chips or tokens, one would wonder how exactly the online casinos make money from them. Well, most of the online casino operators do not make any money from the bonuses. Instead, their profit comes from players who keep playing and spending their money once their bonus funds run out. In general, bonuses are definitely an expense that the casino operators have to be very careful when defining.

$1000 Casino bonuses are common.
Bonuses can as high as a $1000.

Nearly everyone would love something for nothing, but this would only be ideal if some kind of compromise is made. However, online gambling sites are businesses and thus, while they may readily offer bonuses to the customers, there still needs to be participation on the part of the players. In many cases, the online casino operators achieve this through a set minimum deposit amount as well as set wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements for Online Casino Bonuses

As mentioned above, even though online casinos may readily offer players many different types of promotions and bonuses, they still have to make sure that there is an accompanying return on investment (ROI) in this regard. Wagering requirements, otherwise known as playthrough requirements, are the mechanisms that the casinos use to achieve this. In most online casino sites, they are represented by multipliers that show the number of times that players need to play through the bonus amount before they finally become eligible to withdraw any of the winnings they get from playing with the bonuses.

In simpler terms, players are not allowed to cash out any winnings or the bonus amounts before they meet the terms of the wagering requirements. Each and every casino will have a list of its wagering requirements (mostly hidden away within their terms and conditions) which players are advised to read carefully before settling for an online gambling platform, especially if it is the site’s bonuses that drew their attention.

The casino bonuses listed by many online gambling platforms may often be very enticing but the wagering requirements may be a deal breaker for many players – some of them could be very strict and unreasonable. The main takeaway from this is that, for players to really understand how the top online casino bonuses work, it is important for them to understand the requirements or the terms and conditions that usually accompany them. These usually outline the games that contribute to the wagering requirements as well as games that the bonuses can be used on.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

It is worth noting that, aside from the welcome bonus, there are several other types of casino bonuses. Depending on customers’ gambling needs, the choice of an online gambling platform can be made based on the types of bonuses offered. Some of the common types of online casino bonuses include:

Welcome/Sign-Up Bonuses

These are without a doubt the among the top online casino bonuses particularly because they have the ability to make or break a player’s experience in an online casino site. Welcome bonuses are generally meant to lure in more customers but they still have to be good enough to keep them coming back. If this is an important factor for you when deciding on an online casino to play at, then it is very important to choose wisely. Nevertheless, it is still a matter of personal preference – some players may prefer the huge welcome bonuses with the stricter wagering requirements while others may be drawn to the relatively small welcome bonus amounts with reasonably low wagering requirements.

No Deposit Bonuses

As the name suggests, no deposit bonuses are a type of online casino bonus that give the customers bonuses (usually as a welcome bonus) without requiring them to deposit any money on the site. No deposit bonuses are becoming increasingly popular since players use them to gauge and test the offerings of the casino and get acquainted with the gameplay before they decide to part with any cash.

No deposit bonuses are fairly common online.
Enjoy gaming without depositing any money.

Deposit Bonuses

These are basically the opposite of no deposit bonuses, that is, players receive bonuses for depositing money into their online casino accounts. While this type of bonus is growing less and less popular, the few casinos that still offer them have a reputation for delivering on the promises they outline – the wagering requirements are not too strict and the customers are able to use the bonuses on a wider range of games when compared to no deposit bonuses.

Free Spin/Bet Bonuses

Free spins are unanimous with slots machines and are a great way of enjoying the games without risking any money or when your funds run out. In addition to this, free spins are an excellent way of getting to grips with certain slot titles, learning about the gameplay and getting acquainted with various elements or symbols of the games.

For other games, free bets or free play are the equivalents of free spins. These bonuses are usually used in a select or sometimes random collection of games but still, they offer just as much excitement as any other bonus. Also, like the free spins, they give customers the opportunity to get acquainted with the gameplay and various elements of the games they wish to play.

VIP/Loyalty Programs

Acquiring VIP status at an online casino is a rewarding achievement for loyal players. Although getting to the VIP status can be rather hard, once loyal players get there, they are able to enjoy a range of benefits including the top VIP online casino bonuses that are usually much higher than the regular bonuses. Common types of VIP or loyalty bonuses include monthly match bonuses and free spin bonuses.

Reload bonuses

This type works in tandem with the initial welcome bonus that a casino gives to its customers when they sign up. They are similar to deposit bonuses only this time, they regenerate after a deposit is made and the first bonus has been exhausted. For instance, if players use their first match up bonus, they are given the option to make another deposit to receive the follow-up match up bonus.

What did we tell you? There’s simply loads of fantastic bonuses that are waiting for you to take advantage of, and you can find plenty of them at our recommended casinos.